Kremetart Cycling Race 09 June 2018

Hi Everyone!

Louis Trichardt is hosting the Kremetart Cycling Race again this year – it promises to have something for everyone so if you are not brave enough to enter a cycling race then the day will still have entertainment enough for the whole family!!

Date: 09 June 2018  DO NOT MISS IT!!

Follow this link for more info:

 Jacaranda will also be there with a team for your entertainment – listen to the attached audio clip for more info and keep tuned into Jacaranda to confirm the details.

For our local residents  and if you know of anyone traveling through town please remember that there will be road closures. The N1 will be closed from 6am – 9am.

Misty Mountains Guesthouse is already fully booked and most accommodation establishments are filling up fast so remember to book in advance. Should you need help finding accommodation please contact Elana Eksteen (high school  hostel) on 079 943 3346.


Looking Forward to seeing you there!!!